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Stylish compact power bank

  • Screw Shaped Power Banks Cellphone Chargers
    Screw is very important in our daily life but we often ignore it. You see, without screw, bed cant stand up, desk cant assemble, we even cant use light. And also you never think that screw can use as back up battery. Today we would like to share one
    Item code:SK-PB1084power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Epoxy Dome Power Bank Charger Gifts
    Boost your electronic gadgets,as samsung,iPhone,phone,mp3,mp4,gps,camera...by this unique and pretty emergency back up pack customized battery charger power banks...
    Item code:SK-PB335power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Custom Power Buddy Power Man Power Bank Promotional Gifts
    novelty promotional gift customized power bank buddy or people with full colour graphic brand printing
    Item code:SK-PB1046power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Novelty Suction Cup Power Bank Charger Gift Set
    This compact customized mobile power bank with suction cup is easy to carry around in your bag, pocket, or briefcase.
    Item code:SK-PB1042power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Trendy Milk Bottle Custom Power Bank Mobile Charger 8800mah
    adorable milk bottle shape custom power bank econo mobile charger 8800mah promotional gifts for milk,food and beverage company
    Item code:SK-PB1039power banks Capacity:6000-10000, above 10000Material:PVC
  • Gold Bar Power Bank 2000 mAh Promo Charging Gifts Set
    Style Gold Bar Power Bank 2000 mAh-2600mah Promo Charging Gifts Set for Stock Exchange,Financial Industry or Bank related company
    Item code:SK-PB1039power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Custom Imprint Power Mouse Mobile Charger
    trendy and novelty customized power mouse mobile charger power bank factory directly wholesale branded promotional gifts
    Item code:SK-PB1035power banks Capacity:1000-3000, 3000-6000Material:ABS
  • 3 in 1 Noverlty Car Charger Power Bank 2000mah-3000mah
    novelty tech electronic gifts ideas,all in one mobile accessories:car charger,power bank,led torch gift set
    Item code:SK-PB1033power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Econo Mobile Charger Power Bank Corporate Gifts
    cool corporate gifts and giveaway items econo mobile charger power bank 2600mah-5600mah factory price with sample provided testing
    Item code:SK-PB373power banks Capacity:1000-3000, 3000-6000Material:ABS
  • magic cube giga charger with power check wholesale factory
    fashionable company branded giga charger with power check with magic cube style,dual usb,digital power indicator
    Item code:SK-PB921power banks Capacity:1000-3000, 3000-6000, 6000-10000, above 10000Material:ABS
  • custom wooden power bank charger wholesale gifts
    stylish custom wooden universal portable power bank 2000mah,2200mah,2600mah branded promotion gifts
    Item code:SK-1025power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:Wooden
  • stylish compact power bank factory wholesale
    fahionable and stylish compact power bank rechargeable 2600 mah 2-tone power stick- green/white,grey/white,red/white...
    Item code:SK-PB805power banks Capacity:1000以下, 1000到3000Material:ABS
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