power bank

Circular shaped power bank

Circular shaped power bank normal with one 18650 battery or polymer cell inside, as emergency backup charging tool. Made by imported Samsung battery ensure the efficiency of charging. Logo would use pad printing method, round surface also can show your logo perfect.

  • Branded Circular Powerbank Charger 6000mAh Wholesale
    This cool circular shaped powerbanks in metallic finish can be branded with company logo,slogan,message and label by laser engrave,digital colour printing,or even water transfer processing
    Item code:SK-PB1089power banks Capacity:6000-10000Material:Metal
  • Adorable Circular Smiling Face Power Banks Chargers 4000 mAh
    The customized smiling face style powerbanks 4000 mAh mobile chargers are made of ABS plastic material with polishing technics, looks shiny and impressive. 4 LED battery display monitor power at any time. Built in two Li-ion 18650 battery cells, capa
    Item code:SK-PN1086power banks Capacity:3000-6000Material:ABS
  • Cool Capsule Shaped Power Bank Charger 2600 MAH Gift Set
    Cool personalized capsule power bank charger gift set ideas for pharma company
    Item code:SK-1059power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Custom Rubber Bunny Rabbit Shape Power Bank Mobile Charger Gifts
    adorable rubber material custom bunny rabbit shape power bank mobile charger extended battery pack promotional gifts for company event,Christmas giveaway ideas
    Item code:SK-PB1041power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:Rubber
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Round Power Stick Factory Direct Export
    trendy branded power charging gifts rechargeable round power stick factory directly provided with 2000mah-2600mah capacity
    Item code:SK-PB1031power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • circular aluminum alloy backup battery charger
    popular round shaped metallic finish 2600mah,2200mah,2000mah external power bank backup chargers power bank wholesale factory cheap price
    Item code:SK-PB318power banks Capacity:1000以下, 1000到3000Material:Metal
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