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Cheap promotional power bank

Use our cheap gift custom imprint power bank charger guide to assist you to find great gift ideas within your budgets.Yousan enjoys various unexpensive power banks in different shape,material,capacity,function fully catering to your target market,whether it is for a trade show,convention,business promotion, or contest giveaway.intelligent imprint area, ensuring that your company logo and name will not be overlooked

  • Branded Power Banks with Protective Cover, 2200 mAh Factory
    This advertising customized portable mobile powerbanks with protective cover 2200 mAh charges iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Smartphones, iPods, MP3 players and more!Sliding door protects power bank when not in use.Clip this imprint personalized power
    Item code:SK-PB323power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Promotional Cheap Credit Card Powerbanks 2500 mAh Digital Colour Printing
    The promotional custom credit card portable mobile chargers power banks 2500 come with abs,plastic finish in pantone colours.It feature a large printing area to show your company brand,contact message,slogan...by digital colour or silk printing on bo
    Item code:SK-PB806power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Imprint 2200 Mah Aluminum Smooth Surface Rectangle Power Bank
    The 2200 mAh charger has a smooth aluminum alloy finish in various colours,including golden,silvery,black,blue,rose gold and even pantone custom colours.The custom 2200mAh Universal Energy Power Bank Charger Mobile Phone Battery is designed to provid
    Item code:SK-PB311power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:Metal
  • Juice Laser Engraved Power Banks 2200 mAh Chargers
    Count on the personalized laser engraved power banks jolt chargers external backup batteries to keep mobile or cellphone devices charged up for a long time!This branded juice power banks chargers features a 2,200 mAh internal grade A battery cell
    Item code:SK-PB1082power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:Metal
  • Portable Chargers Power Bank With Led Torch Light
    One mobile power can use as back up battery, have flashlight function to bring you light, support memory storage can use as usb flash drive. New 3 in 1 power bank, very practical. Built in one Li-ion 18650 cell, capacity option 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2600
    Item code:SK-PB1079power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Colourful Cylinder Powerbanks Emergency Rechargeable Charger
    2 in 1 bespoke power banks universal battery chargers with bracket or mobile phone stands
    Item code:SK-PB1077power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Promotional Gifts Powerbank Charger Business Travel Set with Carabiner
    customized power bank extended battery charger enjoys a special design,carabiner,looks pretty modern and interesting.The promotional personalized carabiner mobile charger power bank comes with sleek and glossy metallic finish in various colour,like r
    Item code:SK-PB1076power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:Metal
  • Branded Portable Powerbank Ultraslim 4000mAh Mobile Charger
    Hand Out Your Potential Clients Corporate Giveaways with Personalized Ultra Slim Power Bank 4000 mAh Mobile Chargers
    Item code:power banks Capacity:3000-6000Material:Metal
  • 4000mAh Plastic Portable Charger Power Bank Gift Set
    brilliant personalized power bank portable universal backup battery 4000 mAh,5200 mAh,5600 mAh promotional gifts or giveaways or souvenirs
    Item code:SK-PB1066power banks Capacity:1000-3000, 3000-6000Material:ABS
  • Cheap Rubberized Power Bank 3000 mAh Charging Gift Set in White Color
    promotional cheap power bank battery charger in rubber finish wrapped in blister card gift box,charging gift set,factory directly wholesale
    Item code:SK-PB1062power banks Capacity:1000-3000, 3000-6000Material:Rubber
  • Cheap Cylinder Power Bank 2600 MAH Emergency Battery Charger
    Give bulk Logo customized power bank charging kit to your customers and let them power their favorite devices easily
    Item code:SK-PB318power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:Metal
  • Customized PVC Coca Cola Bottle Shaped Power Banks
    Coca Cola, light your passion!Coca Cola bottle shaped customized powerbanks battery charger bright light your company brand
    Item code:SK-PB1058power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:PVC
  • Custom Mobile Power Cheap Power Bank 4000MAH Charging Kit
    Power up your next marketing campaign or promotion with this custom imprinted mobile power portable battery charger 4000mah displaying your company logo
    Item code:SK-PB1001power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:
  • Cheap Ultra Thin Power Bank 9000MAH Gifts in Golden Colour
    Have you ever used these promotional ultra thin power bank charging gift set to highlight your brand?
    Item code:item:SK-PB1008power banks Capacity:3000-6000, 6000-10000, above 10000Material:Metal
  • Cheap Promotion Power Bank Battery Charger 3000MAH
    promotion power bank battery charger 2000MAH,2200MAH,3000MAH gift set,marketing compaign ideas
    Item code:SK-PB1055power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Cheap 2,200mAh Power Stick with Keychain and Sliding Power Bank Wholesale
    cheap 2,000mah 2,200mah 2,600mah power stick with keychain and sliding power bank mobile charging promotional gift set factory directly wholesale
    Item code:SK-PB323power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • Tower of Power Aluminum Rechargeable Power Bank 2200 mAh
    A well-known Custom Power Bank Charger creates a huge amount of recognition for your company among your customers and make it an unforgettable brand
    Item code:SK-PB322power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:Metal
  • Customized Promo Gifts 2,600mAh 2-tone power Stick
    promotional rechargeable 2600mah 2-tone power stick power bank factory with reasonable price and high quality
    Item code:SK-pb805power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • pocket power banks with keyring strap and flashlight
    cheap 2600mah,2200mah,2000mah pocket power banks with keyring strap,flashlight,and power display promotional gifts
    Item code:SK-PB314power banks Capacity:1000-3000Material:ABS
  • eyelash powerbank zoom engergy pack
    fashionable personalized eyelash style power bank charger with led torch light promo gifts for business,trade show...
    Item code:SK-PB324power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • cheap lipstick power bank branded gifts wholesale factory
    cheap branded promo gifts lipstick charge-it-up power bank emergency battery charger 2000mah-2600mah
    Item code:SK-PB-305power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
  • lowest price gift perfume power bank with keychain
    lowest price branded promotional gift power bank with perfume style with CE,FCC,ROHS certiicates manufacturer price
    Item code:sk-pb321power banks Capacity:under 1000, 1000-3000Material:ABS
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